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Start to explore, implement, and manage the diverse IT platform (Cloud/ Linux/ Windows/ Containers) with PowerShell DSC

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Implement, customize, and troubleshoot the PowerShell DSC solution in production infrastructures.
  • Author new DSC resources and extend PowerShell DSC Solution.
  • Work with declarative management of Windows and Linux virtual machines.
  • Automate the management of containers and Docker.
  • Learn to author production deployments with nested configurations
  • Install PowerShell DSC on Linux
  • Master Docker management with PowerShell DSC
  • Tackle custom resource advanced concepts

    Skills you will learn

    Agile, Architecture, Concentration, Consulting, Development, Devops, Integration, Linux, Production management, Software Development, Video

    About this course

    Windows PowerShell is a scripting language especially designed for system administration and it lets you manage computers from the command line. PowerShell DSC enables you to deploy and manage configuration data for software services and also manages the environment in which these services run. The main goal of this video is to teach you how to configure, deploy, and manage your system using the new features of PowerShell v6 DSC with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

    This video begins with the basic fundamentals of PowerShell DSC, covering the architecture and components of the Desired Sate Configuration. Next, this video familiarizes you with sets of PowerShell language extensions and new PowerShell commands. Later, this course helps you understand and create DSC configurations with the help of practical examples, and also teaches you to create DSC custom resources for your custom applications. Finally, you will learn to deploy a real-world application using PowerShell DSC. By the end of the video, you will be more familiar with the powerful Desired State Configuration platform, which helps you achieve continuous delivery and efficient management and easy deployment of data for systems.

    About the Author:

    Prajeesh Prathap is a delivery engineer and expert for DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and ALM. He has over 10 years' software development experience as a developer, architect, and consultant. Over these years he has used his technical expertise and agile practices to help teams become hyper-productive. In conjunction with establishing successful Agile processes, his focus is on helping teams develop strong Agile engineering practices and disciplines such as Test-driven development, refactoring, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery.


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