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Become an expert in developing Data Warehousing applications using Teradata

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand Teradata's competitive advantage over other RDBMSs
  • Understand Teradata Architecture and Indexing mechanism
  • Use SQL to process data stored in Teradata tables.
  • Use Teradata application utilities to import/export data.
  • Apply various performance turning techniques to optimize the queries.

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, Architecture, Hadoop, SQL

    About this course

    Teradata provides market leading data and analytics platform. Built from scratch using parallelism, Teradata has been market leader for decades. It is used by world’s largest and competitive organizations to derive insights from their data and make decisions. In addition to its data warehousing platform, Teradata provides Analytics platform and connectors to integrate seamlessly with Hadoop.

    This course will introduce the participants to work with Teradata. In this course we will cover details about Teradata Architecture, Indexing mechanism and how data is stored and retrieved. It will cover basic and advanced SQL operations in Teradata. It will also cover various utilities provided by Teradata to process, import and export data. 


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