4.5 hours







Brian Gorman

Learn the basics of working with branches and resolving merge conflicts using GIT and GitHub

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Use the Bash Shell Terminal to interact with GIT
  • Understand Git Branching
  • Understand Git Merging
  • Set a default Merge Tool.

    Skills you will learn

    Editing, Github, IDE, Shell

    About this course

    This course is an introduction and overview of branching and merging with GIT.  By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to understand what it means to create branches locally or at a remote repository.  You'll have a great command of keeping your branches up-to-date and cleaning up both your local and remote repository.

    By the end of the course, you'll be in command of working with teams at GitHub and using Pull Requests to validate changes by multiple developers.  You'll know how to make sure you get their changes as well, and finally you'll be able to resolve merge conflicts locally and at GitHub.

    Why should you learn the command line when tools are available like Visual Studio, E-Git, GitHub for desktops, and many others?  Because all tools are just wrappers around the commands.  If you use the tools you should be fine, but what about when things go wrong?  Who will help you then?  Knowing the commands makes it EASY to go to using any IDE with Git.  Not knowing the commands could be the difference between doing something wrong or just not knowing what to do at all.

    Here are some of the commands we'll be interacting with during this course [and you'll get good at using them -- however -- we won't MASTER any of them, but --after this course -- you'll be able to take the study deeper on your own from here for any of these commands!].

    1. git add
    2. git commit
    3. git push
    4. git pull
    5. git fetch
    6. git status
    7. git log
    8. git show
    9. git checkout
    10. git diff
    11. git difftool
    12. git merge
    13. git mergetool
    14. git config

    Additionally, this course will show you how to setup a default tool for editing, git difftool, and git mergetool [VSCode in this course, but you could use Perforce P4Merge or another tool if you want]. 


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