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Irene Karageorgos

Learn Greek with a native teacher. Master the basics of the Greek language.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to develop a solid foundation in Greek through speaking and using the language. You will also learn how Greeks speak in day-to-day colloquial conversation.
  • How to read and write in Greek.
  • How to build a basic sentence in Greek, including questions.
  • How to build a rich vocabulary in Greek.
  • How to communicate in practical situations in Greek.
  • The countries in Greek.
  • How to ask where someone is from.
  • How to say where you are from.
  • How to say where you live.
  • How to say what your nationality is.
  • How to say what you do for a living.
  • The numbers.
  • How to give your personal details and contact information.

    Skills you will learn

    Active Listening, Grammar, Listening, Video

    About this course

    Γεια σας!

    If you:

    • want efficiency in everything you do
    • are intrigued by Greek history and Greek culture
    • want to learn the Greek way of thinking
    • wish or plan to visit Greece

    But you don't want to spend countless hours learning useless grammar rules and attending boring classes, I have the most effective solution for you!

    Greek language Part 3 on line course

    It is in Greek language, with Greek subtitles so your eyes get used to the Greek letters and words and, of course, together with English subtitles, so you will understand exactly what I am saying from the first minute!

    So why DON'T you take advantage of it?

    The course is divided into 8 sections, has 22 video lectures, 10 listening, 20 pdf and 8 quiz.

    For each chapter you get:

    • education and fun
    • interactive video in Greek language in order to be familiar with Greek language and speech
    • Greek subtitles
    • English subtitles
    • Downloadable pdf with the lesson notes
    • listening test
    • quiz test
    • study plan

    How long does this course take to complete?

    The course is designed to be taken in a period of 4 weeks, remember that each video lasts 2-4 minutes and you need another 10 or 20 minutes practising.

    When you complete the course you will receive an official certificate of completion from udemy.

    Start learning Greek now and see you on the inside!

    It will save your time!

    Your teacher



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