40 mins







Andrew Peterson

basic troubleshooting

Expected learning & outcomes

apply their new knowledge to help friends and family members and even make some extra money doing some basic troubleshooting

Skills you will learn

C# programming, C++ programming, Troubleshooting

About this course

I wanted to build this course to give the viewer some insight into their home heating and ac system and to show them its not a hard thing to trouble shoot. That is if you have a few proper tools. I will be going over the tools needed. I will also walk you through what to look for and check and keep in mind when working around your system. People end up spending a lot of money over the years on servicing their a/c and heating unit. When I  show people what I did to get their unit up and running they shook their head and "go oh it was that easy huh". As long as you have the correct tools or know what to look for you can save money or help a family member out.


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