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Kellie Sue Peters

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Coaching, Marketing, Media, Organization, Professional, Social Media

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A little over 7 years ago, I opened my own marketing and PR boutique, It Factory Media. Since then, I've created Cause Marketing and Promotional Campaigns that have generated over $1Million in earned media. Each business owner or general manager wants media coverage for their company more than anything else.  

They're always very enthusiastic about the prospect of getting news coverage -- until, that is, they have an interview scheduled. Then, 99% of my clients are terrified. "What if I say the wrong thing? What if I accidentally offend someone? What if the reporter doesn't like me?" 

If I didn't offer Media Coaching to my clients, I'd only be doing them, and my team, a grave disservice. To greet the world as a polished professional, who extols the virtues of your business with panache, you need to be ready. You need a solid skill set in your arsenal. Most business owners are busy running their businesses; they're not working actors who know how to rehearse. 

Being a great interview involves a set of teachable skills, and that's what this course will give you. You'll know how to rehearse properly, how to improvise, how to get your physical body, voice, and thoughts mostly under control. Then, when you do have an interview scheduled, you'll make yourself, your employees, and your shareholders proud. Instead of a wasted opportunity and humiliation that is forever public, you'll have valuable positive press, and some nice pieces for your website and social media content. 


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