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Mike & Maria Keiser

The step by step system to turn your insurance practice into a high revenue generating machine... (Vision & Strengths)

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Creating and clarifying your own personal and professional vision
  • Dispel myths about vision
  • Understand the importance of your signature strengths
  • Identifying what your signature strengths are
  • Using your strengths to reach your highest levels of achievement

    About this course

    How To Be A High Performance Insurance Broker was designed for insurance agency principals, brokers, and agents to show you the exact steps to creating your practice precisely the way you want it to be. The course was designed to help you unlock all of the potential that you and your practice possess. This is the complete guide for insurance professionals who want to maximize revenue, maximize profit, and enjoy their practice more, while not adding more hours to their work week. It has come out of the culmination of 11 years of working directly with agency principals on development and peak performance.

    We highly recommend you take all four parts, however, each part is a comprehensive course in and of itself.

    Materials Included:

    • Video Lectures
    • Audio Lectures
    • Handouts
    • Quizzes
    • Exercises
    • Strengths Assessment

    Time Requirements:

    • Lectures & Handouts 2 hours
    • Exercise 2 - 3 hours
    • Assessment 1 hour

    Course One – Vision and Strengths
    Summary – In this course, you will understand the importance of having a solid and compelling vision. You’ll learn why vision is the vital piece to begin reaching your highest levels of achievement. You’ll understand what vision is NOT and why most people fail to achieve their vision. And you’ll go through an exercise that will help you clarify your own vision. You’ll also learn why focusing on our signature strengths vs. working on our perceived “weaknesses” is a more effective way to be a peak performer.


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