1 hour







Lita Doolan

Deliver an engaging 1 hour walking tour around a local town or city and become a trusted tour guide for visitors

Expected learning & outcomes

Give a one hour walking tour to a small group around their home town.

Skills you will learn

Architecture, Research, Tourism, Travel, Welcome Visitors

About this course

Ever wondered how you can turn a city or town you love into an exciting experience for others?

As tourism increases with low cost travel deals you can turn your love of history, architecture or nature into a unique guided tour.

We’ll learn about how to find interesting stories and research local history fast.

I designed 5 modules plus resource sheets to be easily understood by absolute beginners.

We’ll learn about how stories about old buildings and famous visitors can be made into a great tour.

At the end of the course, you will be able to welcome visitors to your hometown with a one hour walking tour.


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