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Abhilash Hazarika

Skills you will learn

Analysis, Distribution, Professional, Profitability, Risk Management, Strategy, Support, Trading, Trend Analysis

About this course

This course is not for beginners who are thinking about investing some money for couple of months or years for 10%-20% return. This course is only for those people who are serious about making money from the market on daily basis or 2-3 days interval.

Topics that will be covered in this course:

Market Phases & Trading basic -  Four phases of any Market - Consolidation, Breakout, Continuation, Exhaustion, Trading basics - What is Stock Market Trading, Characteristics of Profitable Traders, Barriers to Successful Trading

Stock Charts -  What is Stock Chart, Line, Bar, Candlestick chart, Examples of stock charts

Trading Timeframes -  Timeframe basics, Intraday, swing and Positional trading timeframes, chart examples

Technical Analysis - Trend Analysis - Support-Resistance-Retracement -  What is Technical Analysis, Assumptions, Why Technical Analysis, its Tools, Weaknesses, Swing high and low, Trends, Uptrend, Downtrend, Sideways, Support/Accumulation zone, Resistance/Distribution Zone, Trendline, Change of Support to Resistance and Vice versa, Trend Correction or Retracement

Candlesticks -  Understanding Candlesticks, its Zones, Bullish vs Bearish candlestick, Marubozu candle, Common Reversal Candles, One candle reversal patterns - Spinning Top, Doji -Dragonfly, Gravestone Doji. Two candle reversal patterns - Bullish Harami, Bullish Engulfing, Bullish Hammer, Bullish Inverted hammer, Bullish Piercing, Bullish Morning Star,Bearish Harami, Bearish Dark Cloud Cover, Bearish Shooting Star, Bearish Hanging Man, Bearish Engulfing, Bearish Evening Star

Chart Patterns -  What is Chart Pattern?, Types of Chart Patterns - Trend Continuation, Trend Reversal. Detailed examples and conecpts of different Trend Continuation Patterns - Ascending, Descending, Symmetrical Triangle, Rectangle, Flags, Pennant, Wedge, Ascending/Descending Channel. Detailed examples and conecpts of different Trend ReversalPatterns - Double top, Double bottom, Triple top, Triple bottom, Head & Shoulders,Inverted head & Shoulders, Cup & Handle, Inverted Cup & handle

Indicators & Oscillators -  What are Indicators & Oscillators?, Why use Indicators & Oscillators?, Important Tips for using Indicator & Oscillators, Leading and Lagging Indicators, Moving average - SMA, EMA. SMA vs EMA. Which is better?, Moving Average settings examples, Uses of Moving Average, Trend following Indicator – Supertrend, PSAR, What is Momentum & Oscillator? - Popular Indicators - RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Uses of Oscillators, Bollinger Bands, ADX Indicator - Find Trend stregnth, Different values for ADX Indicator, Eliminate false signals 

Volumes & Open Interest -  What is Volume?, How Volume drives Price, Price Volume Interpretation with examples, Introduction to Future & Options? What is Open Interest? Price-Open Interest trend analysis, Volume vs Open Interest

Risk Management -  What is Risk Management, Why it is important?, Risk Management template, Method of Risk Management, Risk/Reward ratio, Stoploss, Methods of stoploss, Trailing stoploss, Exit strategy, ATR(Average true range) Indicator, why it is Important in Intraday trading?, Supertrend based stoploss, Profit booking strategy, Pyramiding strategy, Position sizing - Most important in Trading career, Risk Management mistakes

Stock Selection Strategies -  Intraday Stock selection - Introduction to scanning tools, - OPEN HIGH LOW Scanner, Gainers and Losers, Pre-Open Volume Strength., Opening Range Breakouts, New Intraday High's and Low’s., Near Intraday High & Low., Near Yesterday High & Low, Pivots, Support & Resistance. Intraday stock selection – A Day before - Daily Overbought & Oversold, Candlestick based scans. Swing trading Stock selection - Overbought & Oversold stocks, Stocks Crossing below or above 200 DMA. 

High Probability Trading Methods -  Putting it altogether, Step – By – Step Process, Best Practices For Trading Setups, Candlestick Quality, Strength of the Trend, Intraday charts, EOD Charts, Types & Examples of Intraday Trading techniques - Breakout, Momentum, Retracement, Scalping, Fading, Daily Pivots, News based trading etc.


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