2 hours



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Dana Salman

Using S.M.A.R.T Objectives, Personas and Wireframes

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn what makes a website suck.
  • My 5 Step Process for creating an effective website that converts.
  • Learn about pesonas.
  • Define your target audience and create personas to represent them.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T Objectives for your website to make sure your website reaches your business goals.
  • Learn how to research competitors and create a swipe file.
  • Brainstorm and create a wireframe for your website.
  • Learn how to effectively brief your designer and/or developer on your project to get the result you need quickly and cheaply.
  • Conduct A/B tests on your website to optimize and improve results no matter what your traffic volume is.
  • Review conclusions and take-aways.

    Skills you will learn

    Development, Goal Setting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Research, Strategy, Traffic, Web Design, Web Development, Wireframing

    About this course

    There are plenty of awesome online courses that teach you web development and web design. The missing piece was strategy. Because no matter how pretty a website is, if it is not setup to grow traffic/signups/sales/subscriptions/ whatever other objective your business has, there is no point. 

    Before thinking about color, plugins and fonts, you need to think about strategy. This course will teach you my step by step process for creating an effective website that meets your business objectives, without wasting time and money.

    • Why are you creating a website?
    • What are your objectives? 
    • Who is your target audience?
    • How will you measure success?
    • What are other players doing in your space?
    • How can you use your competitors to your advantage?
    • How can you define and present your ideas to a designer/developer?
    • What can you continuously optimize your website to improve results no matter what your traffic volume is?


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