2 hours






Master the Laws of Vanishing Points, Horizons, and Other Three-Dimensional Elements

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Draw in perspective with 1 vanishing point.
  • Draw in perspective with 2 vanishing points.
  • Draw in perspective with 3 vanishing points.
  • Draw in perspective with a low horizon.
  • Draw in perspective with a high horizon.
  • Draw buildings, homes, and streets in 3D.

    Skills you will learn

    Animation, Architecture, Arts, Comedy, Concept Art, Drawing, Illustration

    About this course

    Have you ever looked at drawings of buildings in 3D and wondered how they do it? What are the laws of drawing in perspective? Why did people get it all wrong in medieval times? And what is the role of vanishing points and horizons in this context? This course will touch on all those things and more. Learn to master the laws of perspective drawing and never be confused again about three-dimensional drawings. Once you see the logic in these highly technical drawings, you can apply them to computer drawings, animation, architecture, comic book drawings, concept art, backgrounds, and much more.


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