1.5 hours







Ed Roach

Marcia Hoeck

How to Fix Your Mistakes and Gain Client Buy-In for Branding

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Identify major branding mistakes that limit earning potential
  • Fix errors in thinking and mindset that limit opportunities with clients
  • Understand how to use branding as a springboard to high level design work
  • Talk about branding in a "non-salesy" way
  • Engage clients and gain their support

    Skills you will learn

    Branding, Strategy, Support

    About this course

    In this course, we will be discussing the three most common mistakes designers make with branding that sabotage your work before you even get started. We’ll show you how to think about branding and present it to clients on a broader business level, so you’ll gain their enthusiastic support and understanding of its value.  We will also be discussing how to talk about and sell branding in a non-salesy manner. Taking this course will show you how charge what your branding work is really worth so you will never give away your strategy work (as a cost of doing business) again.

    This course is structured in 9 sections, covering the most common branding mistakes and how to fix them. You will be able to complete this course in under two hours. 


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