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Step by step guide on how to become a google news publisher and get your site approved by both Google news and Adsense.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Learn how to get approved in Google News
  • Learn the benefits of being approved in Google news
  • Learn how to build and prepare your site
  • What to consider while choosing your niche
  • What google considers before they approve your site in Google news
  • Content requirements for your articles before your site can be approved in Google news
  • Learn different ways of monetizing your website
  • How to submit your site to Google news and Adsense

    Skills you will learn

    Blogging, Google+, Organization, WordPress

    About this course

    This course primarily focuses on how to get google news approval in google news publisher center, how to make money with google AdSense and how to make money with your website. I know some of you might have submitted their sites to Google publisher center for approval but their applications got rejected. Others may be totally new to online blogging but after you enroll for this course, you will find out what might have led to the disapproval by Google News, probably fix the issues and resubmit your site for consideration.

    You will also learn

    1. The benefits of being listed in Google Publisher center

    2. Factors to consider while choosing a hosting company

    3. Choosing the right domain

    4. Choosing the right niche

    5. The crucial pages you need to have on your site in order to get approval in both Google news and Adsense

    6. How to install WordPress on your site

    7. How to customize your site

    8. Content requirements before submitting your site for approval

    9.How to sign up for adsense account

    10. How to submit your site to Google news for possible inclusion.


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