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Ana Lucas

Learn What to Include In Your Loan Request and Why, and How to Discuss It With Bankers

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Prepare a Financing Request that leads banks to approve a Business Loan
  • Structure the loan request to include all the information that Banks need to approve it
  • Understand why Banks request certain information from borrowers and how that influences their approval decision
  • Be prepared for the discussion with a Bank when requesting a business loan
  • Know what types of Business Loan requests Banks will likely decline and why

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    This course explains how Banks look at business loan requests, and what these requests should include and why in order to improve the Chance-to-Yes, meaning, a loan approval.

    Preparing a good request for financing and being able to discuss it with the Bank is essential to increase the probability of having the loan approved.

    During the course you will see the parallel between what the request for financing includes, and how banks interpret it from their risk point of view. Many times entrepreneurs not only do not know which information to provide to banks, but also do not understand which information is crucial for banks to make a decision. This course will explain it all.

    We will also look at what type of loans requests Banks do not usually support and the reasons for that.

    By getting the request for financing right, convincing Banks to grant the business loan becomes far easier.

    (The course deals with business loans only, and not personal loans like mortgages, car or other consumer financing)


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