32 mins







Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

The art of building rapport and gaining trust.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Will have the tool to get over your shyness and able to approach anyone
  • Able to observe other people and chose the best communication too and approach to connect to them.
  • Able to connect to hard communicators and shy people
  • Able to make others talk and open up
  • AS managers, to connect to team members and get task done faster
  • Able to connect to any gender and age group
  • Able to make connection and be understood and gain trust

    Skills you will learn

    Active Listening, Arts, Building Rapport, Communication, Listening, Natural Language Processing

    About this course

    Did you always had a hard time connecting to others?

    Do you consider yourself shy?

    Are you in management position and find it hard for others to listen to you?

    Are you a parent and want to have your children open to you? Are your kids not listening to you and want to change that?

    Are you alone and find difficult to make friends?

    There are a lot of people like you and i was one of them till I learnt NLP and the use of the tools changed my life. 

    This course is for you if you are willing to take on these new tools.

    You will learn the basics of communication, have the understanding on what is communications and able to take the lead in to your hand.

    The result of your communication is the response you get in return. 

    You want to have better response, then you have to make friends first, so the person feels instantly connected with you.. Once this is done, you can say anything, you will be heard out, and your points will be seen, and what you say will make sense. Simply the communication portal will be open for you. 

    Without this open portal you will only banging your head to the wall repeating yourself uselessly. ANd i m sure you are pretty tired of it. 

    So, Lets learn the art of making friends an gaining trust by building rapport.

    Lets make friends with everyone and build better families, better communities and better society.


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