1.5 hours







Bridge 2 Hoops Basketball Academy

Tips, skills and drills

Expected learning & outcomes

They will be better prepared in try outs when trying out for their team. After taking the course they will understand how to workout on their own and not waiting on a coach to teach every single detail. B2H courses will guide students through their basketball journey

Skills you will learn

Basketball, Coaching, Training

About this course

Players that have been cut from your basketball team, everyone deserves a second chance. We want you to be more prepared and knowing the exact things to do while you have another opportunity. This is also for players who have made their team and want to fine tune their basic fundamentals. What makes this special is having a coach guiding you through the course step by step with clipboard sessions and written detailed format of the comfort of your own home and mobile. No coach will have time to keep on reminder you about certain things, and have the patience to go at your pace. We made this course so you can have one on one training with a person who has been cut from school teams before but overcame it through private coaching and putting the time in on my own.


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