1 hour







Daniel Georgiev

Learn how to make your first Udemy course in less than a day. This is Unofficial course

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to make your own Udemy course
  • How to became Udemy instructor
  • How to create courses and make money online
  • Learn the Udemy User interface for Instructors
  • Learn how to publish your course
  • Learn how you can record videos

    Skills you will learn

    User Interface, Video

    About this course

    I created my first Udemy video course in less than a day and this is actually it

    In this course I walk you trough all the steps about how to create your own Udemy course

    You will also learn:

    • How to structure your course

    • How to target your students

    • How to make a course landing page

    • How to set price and coupons

    • How to make your Curriculum

    • How to upload files

    • How to create a new course


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