3 hours



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Greg Vanderford

And be financially independent in this beautiful tropical country!

Expected learning & outcomes

Take steps to start their own small business or corporation in Vietnam

Skills you will learn

Analysis, Legal, Marketing, Organization, Strategy

About this course

The Vietnamese economy is BOOMING, making now THE BEST TIME IN HISTORY to start a small business as an expat in Vietnam.

I launched Saigon Sports Academy in 2009 and have since been part of over a dozen startups that have all been successful.

The window of opportunity is closing as no rapidly developing country can continue to grow at 7% GDP per year forever, but Vietnam is still one of the the best, if not THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to start a business in right now as I'll explain in this course.

You will learn:

1. How to file paperwork to start your company

2. How to deal with taxes

3. Other legal issues

4. Capital needs (how much money to start depending on the business)

5. Everything you need to know about the labor market

6. Marketing strategy

7. Where to launch your business

8. Best business models for expats

9. Analysis of each business model and how to do it here

10. Lots of examples of successful businesses started by expats

Join the course and take the first step toward living financially free as an expat in the beautiful tropical paradise of Vietnam!


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