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Pradeep Aggarwal

Manage Your High Blood Pressure To Control Your Health, Fitness and Wellness Using Powerful And Effective Self Hypnosis

Expected learning & outcomes

  • By the end of the course students will be able to manage their high blood pressure, stress and depression using self hypnosis, affirmations and relaxations
  • You will know the consequences of high blood pressure and how it affects you mentally and physically
  • You will be able to manage and heal insomnia and negativity using positive affirmations
  • You will learn the five major causes for high blood pressure

    Skills you will learn

    Blood Pressure, Fitness

    About this course

    In this course titled 'Hypnosis- Manage Your High Blood Pressure With Self Hypnosis

    .' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn -

    • Why is high blood pressure becoming more common these days?
    • There are psychological reasons behind the problem of high blood pressure?
    • Find out how hypnosis can help you manage your high blood pressure with the powerful techniques of self hypnosis, visualization, imagery and affirmations
    • 1) With self hypnosis you can control and manage your emotions
    • 2) Self hypnosis helps you to relax and calm down
    • 3) You can change your state of mind with self hypnosis
    • 4) Alter or change your perspective or the way you react to certain things or situations
    • What is high blood pressure?
    • We tell you eight major cause of high blood pressure
    • 1) Emotional stress
    • 2) Physical activity
    • 3) Fear
    • 4) Anger
    • 5) Anxiety
    • 6) Tension
    • 7) Continued depression
    • 8) Excitement
    • Five worst consequences of high blood pressure?
    • 1) Artery damage and narrowing
    • 2) Coronary artery disease
    • 3) Heart failure or heart stroke
    • 4) Damage to brain
    • Damage to kidney

    This course is very useful for those are mentally and physically suffering from the affects of High blood pressure.

    This course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 10 lectures in English.

    It is ideal for everyone who want to manage their high blood pressure

    This course contains-

    • Lecture1:Introduction
    • Lecture2:What Is High Blood Pressure And Its Causes
    • Lecture3:Remove Myths About Self Hypnosis
    • Lecture4:Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious Mind
    • Lecture5:How To Enter Into The State Of Self Hypnosis
    • Lecture6:How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
    • Lecture7:Guided Visualization Exercise: Manage Your Blood Pressure
    • Lecture8:Summary
    • Lecture9:Bonus Exercise : General Healing Audio File
    • Lecture10:Bonus Exercise - Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity


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