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Annette Brown

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Branding, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music, Textile

About this course


Welcome you to my newest class, “Illustrate Multiple Floral Motifs from One Reference Photo.” 

In it I share my approach towards generating many different styles of flowers from one floral image. This approach can come in handy when creating textile designs, graphic design projects, branding, scrapbooking, Bible journaling and more.

This class is for individuals who may find it challenging to come up with ways to draw more stylized flowers, whether you are a beginner or seasoned designer. I will demonstrate how to create over a dozen different floral elements and then share additional examples at the end of this class. 

If you simply want to learn a different approach to drawing flowers for your own personal pleasure or sketchbook practice, I believe this class would be of benefit to you as well - no prior knowledge is needed. 

*Royalty-free music, "All That" sourced from:


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