1.5 hours







Budi Hariyadi

Learning Indonesian Language Easily

Expected learning & outcomes

  • 1. understanding indonesian grammar
  • 2. knowing many indonesian vocabularies
  • 3. capable of using Indonesian for speaking and writing

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Grammar, Video, Writing

    About this course

    This Indonesian Language Learning Program is designed by using Comparative Method: Performing  Comparison between  English and Indonesian. Please Watch  and Learn  these Indonesian Video Lessons  which are created and designed in Simple but  Smart ways. The lessons in this course are planned to include Indonesian Grammar; Indonesian Vocabularies; and Indonesian Language Functions.

    This Indonesian Language Learning Program is useful and helpful for those who:

    - are interested in studying Indonesian Language

    - need to be able to understand and communicate with Indonesian Language

    - live in Indonesian as Expatriates

    - students who want to know more about Indonesian   


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