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Jomarc Baquiran

Skills you will learn

3D CAD, Computer Aided Design, Construction, LinkedIn, Sketch

About this course

In this Fusion 360 course we will create your first metal component assembly.

We will start off by creating our first component.
Second, we will create 2D sketches and turn them in into 3D solid bodies.
Lastly, we will apply joints to make a dynamic assembly.

Topics include:
• Component creation
• 2D sketching
• Sketch constraints
• Construction plane creation
• Sweep command
• Sheetmetal creation
• Unbending sheetmetal components
• Creating flat patterns
• Application of assembly joints

This course can accommodate absolute beginners with no prior 3D CAD knowledge. Follow along with exercise files on begin and end state.

For more info and discussion about Fusion 360, inviting all to join and


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