6 hours







Mathieu Provencher

Learn Economics and get some help for your exams

Expected learning & outcomes

University level introduction to microeconomics

Skills you will learn

Analysis, Economics, Organization, Production management, Professional, Teaching, Video

About this course

This course provides main concepts and exercises for demand and supply, consumer behaviour, production theory, market structures and market failures. Analysis is mainly done graphically but you should be able to solve algebraic equations.

See The World Through The Eyes Of An Economist, Learn Microeconomics with me!

after completing this course, you should:

  • Know how demand and supply influence markets
  • Be able to evaluate the success of governmental policies
  • Understand how industries react to different economic events
  • Recognize collusion, price discrimination, and externalities when you see them
  • Be better prepared for your Economics classes

Microeconomic theory focuses on understanding the behaviour of individual agents under scarcity

In this course, you will see the theory behind demand and supply, government intervention, elasticity, the theory of the firm, and maximisation strategies. Economics can seem very complicated and confusing at times. I will help you understand various events happening all around you!

Understanding the economy can help you in your personal and professional life. Whether you want to start your own company, work for someone else, or just make good financial decisions, Economics can help you.

Content and Overview

This course aims at helping high school and university students learn Economics, but anyone is welcome to follow along. You will find material that covers most IB and A-level programmes, as well as Microeconomic courses at the university level for minors and majors.

This course offers 32 classes, 32 exercise videos, and more than six hours of content. The first section slowly introduces key concepts to make sure you have all the tools you need. We then see more complicated models that describe the real-world in greater detail.

You will be able to see how market decisions are made and when they are beneficial or detrimental to society. You will also see why governments intervene in markets and when their policies have positive or negative impacts on the economy.

Many years of teaching introductory courses have led me to develop an intuitive approach that works well for students that have not been introduced to Economics before. However, if you already feel comfortable with the basic concepts of Economics, you can skip to the concepts you need most help with. Don't hesitate to revisit any of the classes to refresh your memory if you feel uncertain about a definition or a concept.

You will also find exercises to help you practice for your exams. Each class has an additional video that shows different types of problems you may be asked to solve. Every exercise video ends with an exam-type question you can try to solve before being shown the answer.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Economics!


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