2 hours






Learn and practice the secrets of keyboard playing to improve your music!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Finding Middle C
  • Understand The Keyboard Geography
  • Introduction To Music Theory
  • Playing Intervals
  • Playing Scales
  • Playing Chords
  • Playing Bass Lines
  • Playing Leads
  • Playing Pads

    Skills you will learn

    Active Listening, C# programming, C++ programming, Listening, Mergers & Acquisitions, Music, Teaching

    About this course


    This course purpose is to allow any dj, music producer or other musican to acquire the skills of playing the keyboard.

    You don't need years of classical piano training in order to play what your music needs on the keyboard.

    If you feel a little “handicap” every time you try to play a bassline, lead or a pad for your track then this course is exactly for you.

    Reviews by students who took this course:

    "GREAT ! Ive learned so many new things and new great technics to improve my skills. Highly recommended"

    "Very clearly explains and proffesionals tips to succsess"

    "Fun and very easy to understand"

    "Gal is really a great teacher! I enjoy listening to him and to his explanations. He is very inviting in his approcah which makes the material he is teaching, not scary. I recommend his courses!"


    By the end of this course, You’ll be able to express your musical ideas on the keyboard in a much natural, musical and creative way.

    I believe that the best way to learn something is by just jumping the water and start doing it: and thats exactly what this course is about. straight to the point lessons that give you cool keyboard exercises and methods of playing electronic musical elements for your tracks!


    If you learned a little piano/guitar/other instrument but never really took it super seriously - you'll find here a fresh approach.

    The reason that you didn't hook to an instrument is because it wasn't in your needs learning how to read sheet music or memorize classical pieces.

    Here you will find the important music theory and playing methods that are crucial for your develop as a creating artist.


    I'm Gal Peiser. I'm a music producer, pianist and a teacher for the past 15 years.

    I've worked with a lot of students in the recent years and i'm excited to have this opportunity to share my experience in instructing musicians online.


    I'd like to remind you that when you'r buying this course your purchase is RISK-FREE!

    Either your satisfied, or you're get your money back.

    By the way, i'm convinced it's the best online course about keyboard for electronic music that you can find and i'm sure you'll love it!  :)

    Let's Make Some Music !



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