1.5 hours






Becoming a Pro video editor on a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook.

Expected learning & outcomes

Create Professional Videos Effectively on Their Smartphone

Skills you will learn

Android, Editing, Editorial, iOS, User Interface, Video, Video Editing

About this course

Welcome to this KineMaster course, where you will learn how to edit your videos professionally using your handheld device - be it a tablet or a smartphone.

After completing this course, you will be able to edit your videos efficiently using KineMaster's user interface and the tools it provides.

We will progress gradually, starting with the simplest video editing techniques all the way to advanced ones, such as color keying, animations, alpha channels and audio effects.

To achieve this, we'll be using a pre-recorded game footage and apply various transitions and effects to make for some great video highlights.

At the end, we will also look at some undocumented functionality of KineMaster which may affect your ability to successfully produce videos and how to overcome these.

I hope that you will enjoy this course and that it will become a valuable milestone in your video editing career.


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