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Become a Swami of the Kotlin . The future of android development.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create Kotlin programs
  • Learn what is new in the kotlin and how it is better then java
  • Learn the different data structures in kotlin
  • Understand the principles of Object Oriented programming
  • How to use professional IDE like intellij idea to write code effectively

    Skills you will learn

    Abstraction, Android, Concentration, IDE, Java, Object Oriented Programming, Professional, Programming, Safety

    About this course

    This course is for anyone who want to learn kotlin from scratch. We will start learning kotlin by first installing the IDE intellij idea and then we will run our first program .Then we move to the basics of kotlin that what is a variable, loops ,conditions ,data structures etc after that we will learn the core concepts of Object Oriented Programming like inheritance,polymorphism,abstraction etc and then we will move to the next section that is Java and Kotlin so we will learn how both(Java and Kotlin) have interoperability .So now you must ask the question that why kotlin over java  so here are the few reasons.

    Why kotlin over java

     Kotlin fixes a series of issues that Java suffers from.

    1. Null references controlled by the system
    2. No raw types.
    3. Arrays in kotlin are invariant.
    4. Kotlin has proper function types as opposed by java.
    5. Kotlin does not have a checked exception.

    Some important concepts which we learn 

    1. Null Safety
    2. Primary Constructors
    3. Companion Objects
    4. Singleton class
    5. Extension functions 
    6. Infix function
    7. Abstract class
    8. Single statement return function
    9. Interfaces 
    10. Single line return function

    Why you take this course? 

    In the near feature the Object Oriented Industry will be ruled by kotlin .Lets focus on the statement of realm experts "In short, Android developers without Kotlin skills are at risk of being seen as dinosaurs very soon,"  these are not my words these are words of realm experts.   So you need to learn this new technology in order to survive in the IT industry and  I will be completely focused  on the topics which will take you from zero programming experience to advance level and at the end you will be my happy Student.  


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