32 mins



Any Level




Bonnie Benshoof

The basis of laser hair removal

Expected learning & outcomes

  • perform laser hair removal on anyone
  • supplement your income, add additional services to your business

    Skills you will learn

    Safety, Targeting

    About this course

    In this course, we will go into the details of laser hair removal, we will look at where it started, the biophysics, why it's important to know because it is the base of laser hair removal, we will look at tissue absorption, so you will know what you are looking for when targeting the hair with laser hair removal, we will look at IPL and you can see how that is different than laser hair removal and how the laser effects the skin when targeted, we will also study the safety aspects of laser hair removal, knowing the rules and regulations to help you practice safety precautions, and then we will study laser hair removal, what to look for and how to apply the knowledge to put it all together .


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