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    *****************  THE HIGHEST RATED SKILLSHARE CLASS  *****************

"Joe has incredible insights from a diverse range of business experiences, all in competitive, fast pace environments. His class provides a clear and implementable playbook for success in starting your own business."

- Tony M. 

"Straight to the point no fluff, I recommend it to anyone starting a business or currently own a business."

- Mahmoud K. 

"This was a great concise, brief class that offer some solid, core advice for folks starting or building their own business. He gives the essentials and framework that's not only inspiring, but very logical."

- Kimberly Gomes 

"His care for putting together a thorough class is evident, and the worksheet helped me come to some helpful realizations about my business."

- Tash M.        

    *****************  THE HIGHEST RATED SKILLSHARE CLASS  *****************

Do you have a business idea or current business that you want to set up for success? 

If so, this class is for YOU. 

You will learn the proven 3-step process to set up your business for long-term success.

In fact, let's get going right now. (why wait!)

Here are 3 steps we'll talk through in detail.


  1. Model success after those who have gone before you 

    You class project is to identify 5 aspects from successful businesses similar to yours that you want to model after. Then plug those aspects into what I call your Frankenbiz. Don't worry, I'll talk you through the entire process. 

  2. Add more value than anyone else  
  3. Be consistent with results & deliver unexpected joy 

That’s it. You create a business with that 3-step process and it can’t fail.

Well, almost.

There’s some other stuff we’ll talk about like:

  • Knowing your WHY 
  • A couple easy ways to test (this was my mistake on the first biz)
  • The 5 making mad-money questions you MUST ask yourself 
  • The scarcity advantage

You even get a step-by-step Biz Model Builder PDF to print and fill out as you go through the videos. Each video corresponds to a section in the Biz Model Builder. 

That way, by the end of the videos, you'll have your own NO FAIL biz model! 


Let’s make things happen for you. Questions about class? Ask away.

- Joe 


One more thing, I'm donating a portion of profits from this class to Pencils of Promise, a non-profit dedicated to bringing education to underserved communities. 


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