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Hanna Ashcraft

Skills you will learn

Event Management, Event Planning, Lecturing, Music, Planning, Presentation, Presentation skills, Project Management

About this course

Non-profit events, concerts, conferences, festivals, parades, Olympics, weddings, surprise birthday parties and presidential campaigns. There are so many events happening in the world every day. Every single one of these needs someone planning and executing the events. So if you are looking to transition to a career in Events Management, have an element of event planning in your job, want start a side hustle, or a freelance career, you’re in the right place.

Some of the personal benefits of gaining the skills for successful Event Management include:

  • Becoming more organized at your job
  • Become better at project management
  • Practice managing others
  • Be a resource for friends and family members who are having events
  • Being able to turn your skills into a side hustle or freelance career

In this course, we will talk about the different types of event managers out there and a little about the job to see if it is right for you. After reviewing some tough realities of the job, we will get into specifics on how to develop four skill areas that will help you become a successful event planner. Those are:

  1. Gaining Experience
  2. Building Relationships (with clients, vendors, and your team)
  3. Becoming Proactive
  4. Organizational Tips

After discussing how to develop these skills, I will share some tips about how to apply for an events management job, how to find clients, and options for how to price for your services.

I am so excited for a fresh crop of event planners to enter the industry with new ideas and energy. Let’s get to it!


P.S. A couple photos in this presentation was shot by Natalie Thomson. I created a class with her on "How to Get the Best Event and Wedding Photos", so go check it out!

P.P.S. Music from "Magic Scout Farm" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (


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