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Learn to establish yourself as a manager and lead your technical team to success. We are PDU Accredited.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Inspire and encourage your technical team to get the best out of them in an effective and meaningful manner by delegating tasks and developing performance plans to set achievable goals for personal and professional development.
  • Become familiar with the responsibilities and challenges of being a manager, including how to lead and guide a team.
  • Master the arts of successfully facilitating meetings, appraising performance, providing feedback and resolving conflicts within your team and organization.
  • Demonstrate authority when needed, and learn how to make better decisions after assessing different possibilities.
  • Lead by setting an example and become more confident and influential in the process.
  • Deal with conflicting personalities and help others cooperate as a team.
  • Communicate effectively with your colleagues and senior managers.
  • Conduct SWOT and STEP analyses to both shape both the company culture and address challenges.
  • This course qualifies for 8.00 PDU credit hours toward the PMP® certification from PMI.

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Coaching, Communication, Development, Feedback, Goal Setting, Interpersonal, Leadership, Organization, PMP, Process Management, Professional, Professional Development, Project Management, Support

    About this course

    Aside from adapting to a new role with increased responsibilities, new managers must learn to be leaders and explore how to communicate effectively with technical employees, fellow managers, and senior executives. Learn everything you need to know as a new manager to assist the technical professionals you manage in reaching and exceeding their goals, in this comprehensive course bundle.

    Master Strategies for Effective Management of Technical Professionals

    • Lead by setting an example and become more confident and influential in the process.
    • Communicate effectively with your colleagues and senior managers.
    • Motivate your staff to encourage personal and professional development.

    In this course you will learn that management isn't always so much about leading, as it is about pointing the way. It is your duty to point the way by instructing, giving feedback and sharing your experience with your staff. In this course, you will learn how to develop leadership skills to confidently coach a team of technical professionals. Keeping these dedicated employees motivated in high-tech business environments will help support their professional growth, as well as your company's strategic objectives.

    At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently lead and guide a team of technical professionals through day-to-day operations, interpersonal challenges and crisis situations.

    This course is a bundle of the following LearnSmart courses, and includes comprehensive information for the following topics:

    • Introduction to Management
    • Developing Leadership and Transitioning into Management
    • Leading and Communicating as a Manager
    • Successful Communication and Process Management Skills
    • Taking Control as a Manager
    • Making an Impact as a Manager
    • Managing Technical Professionals
    • Managing the Development of Technical Professionals

    LearnSmart is Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Registered Education Provider (REP 3577). This course qualifies for the above credit hours toward the PMP® or CAMP® training contact hours or toward maintaining your current certification. Thus meeting the Professional Development Unit (PDU) requirement necessary to continue their PMP® Certification or for experienced project managers wanting to brush up on their education.

    PMI, PMP, and CAMP are a registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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