3.5 hours







Bob Flisser

Quickly take control of Excel's powerful math features, for Windows and Macintosh

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Write basic formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Learn new functions introduced in winter 2016.
  • Write formulas that combine and split text.
  • Understand how to use any function.
  • Use statistics formulas, like AVERAGE, VARIANCE and STANDARD DEVIATION.
  • Calculate subtotals.
  • Write functions that make decisions, like IF and SUMIF.
  • Create LOOKUP tables
  • Use exponents, square roots and logarithms.
  • Use financial functions to calculate payments and rate of return.
  • Control the display of error messages.

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Standard Deviation, Statistics, Writing

    About this course

    To be a more proficient Excel user and add value to your job or career, you should know how to use Excel's math capabilities. That means writing formulas and using functions, some of which are new in Excel 2016. It doesn’t have to be complicated or scary, and with this course’s friendly, understandable and approachable style, you can quickly become an Excel expert. In 4 chapters, we will learn 30 built-in functions useful in different fields, industries, careers and tasks, and will learn efficient, time-saving techniques. You get 90 minutes of videos with new and completed class files and a reference guide.


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