8.5 hours



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Excel University

Build complex dashboards and calculators using basic Excel functions, tools, slicers and pivot tables

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Understand and apply the basic functions associated with dashboards and calculators.
  • Understand and apply the variety of tools in Excel in conjunction with the various functions
  • Building dashboards by using Pivot tables and slicers

    Skills you will learn

    Calculators, Reporting, Swift

    About this course

    This course teaches you to create well-designed Excel dashboards so you and your colleagues can see trends and make quick decisions informed by data.

    This Excel Dashboard course comes with templates, tools and checklists that can be applied directly to your Excel reports.

    • Excel dashboard & Report templates

    • Excel calculators and exercises

    • Excel workbook to follow along

    What differentiates this course from the other dashboard courses? It includes:

    1. The entire process from idea to delivery - every single step without skipping key points.

    2. Tried-and-trusted techniques that are not only applicable to Excel dashboards but any Excel report.

    3. Includes Excel templates, tools and checklists that you can use for your own Excel reports.

    4. Lots of ideas and inspiration to help you come up with own report design

    The course is designed to have an even balance between theory and practical.

    Content is clearly organised so more advanced learners can jump in at any point and follow along with the relevant project file.


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