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Jay Carteré

Learn how to make a song at home using Logic Pro X

Expected learning & outcomes

Learn how to make a song at home from scratch

Skills you will learn

Budgeting, Confidentiality, Music, Professional

About this course

Learn how to create a professional quality song from the privacy of your own home on a small budget, using Logic Pro X. 

Build A Song From Scratch With this Tutorial For Beginners.

  • Learn How To Produce A Beat/Backing Track
  • Understand The Elements Of A Song
  • Learn How To Write A Song
  • Learn How To Mix A Song
  • Learn How To Master A Song

Make A Hit At Home Today

Learning how to make a song at home is a very important if you want to be successful in today's music industry. Having the ability to make your own beats and record whenever you want, gives you a big advantage over artists who do not have these skills.

Being able to make your music at home also saves you a lot of money that would've been spent on studio time and producers. But maybe most important of all, having the ability to create your songs at home from scratch will allow you to shape your sound into exactly what you want it to be.

Content And Overview

This course is designed to be easily understood by beginners, whilst also sharing information that may be new to experienced musicians. The course is taught over 18 videos, where you'll learn each stage of creating a song and be walked through the process from start to finish.

Starting with building your home studio on a budget, then learning how to produce a beat, this course will take you through the creation of your first song.

You'll also receive a Logic Pro X template to help make things a little easier, as well as an Ebook version of this course for you to read through.


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