32 mins



Any Level




Kara Piazza

Learn how to plan a memorable party with tips and tricks to stay organized.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Stay organized.
  • Plan a fun party your children won't forget.
  • Fill out an easy to follow checklist to ensure all the details are covered.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide and plan the party of your dreams!

    Skills you will learn

    Concentration, Google+, Pinterest

    About this course

    This course will show you step by step how to plan unforgettable parties. The focus is on children's parties but the concepts can be used to plan just about any party with little modification.

    You will need access to the internet and familiarity with Google searches. Having a Pinterest board would also be beneficial but not necessary.

    I will provide 5 lessons plus a bonus video of tips and tricks to add that extra flair to any party or event. I will also provide a printable PDF planner with all the topics we discuss in the lessons.

    By the end of this course you will know how to plan a party your kids and all their friends won't forget! The steps can be as simple or as extravagent as you want them to be.


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