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Learn kotlin programming language from scratch and make 2 basic Android apps on kotlin.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • By the end of this course you will have full working knowledge of Kotlin
  • You will learn about integration of Kotlin with java
  • You will also make 2 basic apps in Android, using Kotlin

    Skills you will learn

    Android, Book Writing, Coding, Development, Google+, IDE, Integration, Java, Pinterest, Professional, Programming, Reliability, Support, Writing

    About this course

    What is Kotlin ?

    Kotlin is a new programming language, developed by jetbrains and now officially supported by Android development. In case you don’t know about jetbrains, they are one of the best in making IDE. Kotlin project is fairly new but Kotlin is a very reliable language. It is not being designed in academic, it is designed in industry keep in mid what industry needs the most.

    What makes Kotlin, extra ordinary is it’s interoperability with Java. We can use java code in Kotlin and Kotlin code in Java project. Integration is almost seamless. 

    What will I learn in this course?

    In this course we will start from basics and no prior programming experience is required. we will start from installing IDE so that we can write and run code in professional environment. Further we will learn about variables, loops, functions, classes, objects, nulls, inheritance and a lot more basic terms. Also, we have included a few exercise to improve logic building and writing code for that logic.


    Further at the last section, we will also create 2 basic android apps to understand the usage of Kotlin in Android app. Although this is not an Android course but these 2 apps are just to practice Kotlin with Android development.

    Market demand and future

    Just after the announcement of official support of Kotlin in Google I/O event, kotlin has seen an exponential growth in demand, views on blog posts and Kotlin tutorials. In lots of commercial projects, Kotlin is already getting used. Apps like Pinterest and Uber are already using Kotlin on heavy basis. It is very clear that in future, companies will have a demand of Kotlin programmers. Even if you are already an Android developer, this is the perfect time to upgrade your skills.

    See you inside the course !

    Happy Coding !


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