43 mins







Taylor Kelley

Learn how to kickbox effectively for Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA for Self Defense for Beginners

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Have the knowledge and fundamentals down so you can join a class without being confused
  • Give you a solid foundation for martial arts training particullarly striking
  • (for instructors) be able to teach beginners a step-by-step curriculum that will not take away time from your class

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Are you a newbie to martial arts?

    Are you about to join a gym for the first time?

    Are you an instructor needing a step-by-step curriculum to teach new students?

    Then you should definitely enroll yourself into my Beginner Kickboxing 101 Fundamentals course! This course is designed to help you get a good grasp of kickboxing fundamentals so you can learn more efficiently. This course is very straight forward, and to the point, meaning it's not confusing and filled with too much info. These principles are universally found in boxing, muay thai, and mma striking curriculum. This course requires no equipment what so ever, and not even a partner! Questions? Email me at


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