39 mins







Chancy Rattanong

A step by step training course taking you through the complete foundations of Ballet dancing.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Participate in beginner+ ballet classes all around the world.
  • Be confident in knowing correct ballet terms, in French, and understand the translation in English.
  • Demonstrate the basic positions of the hands and feet, ballet barre, centre work and curtsee/bow.

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Choreographer, French, Translation

    About this course

    Hello future students!

    Ballet is a beautiful art form that I encourage you to experience for yourself! It is fundamental style of dance that allows the dancer to be able to follow on easily into various other styles of dance.

    Each section of this course is broken down into short videos to demonstrate the movements and allow you to follow along easily.

    The first section we learn the basic positions of the hands and feet. The second section demonstrates ballet practice at the Barre. The third section is an introduction to centre practice, including pirouettes. The fourth section jumps and curtsee are the focal points.

    This course has been carefully designed to enable you to be able to feel confident any time you walk into the ballet studio, whether that be local, or abroad.

    As ballet was created in France, the names for each movement are French, I will translate and go over these with you, so that you can clearly understand the meanings and pronunciation.

    All that is left now for you to do is sign up today! I am excited to help you to become the ballet dancer that you desire to be!


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