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Mephon Jonathan

A step-by-step Guide to create a perfect Business Plan

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Create a Perfect and Detailed Business Plan
  • Structure their ideas
  • Quickly understand the necessary composants of a Business Plan

    About this course

    This course is made for people who want to quickly and economically draft plan to structure their idea and create alignment inside their team. With simply terms, students will understand faster how to build their Business Plan.

    It’s ideal for people that wants to get a direction for their business but don’t want (or don’t need) to spend months in developing a complete plan such as:

    • Freelancers,
    • Existing entrepreneurs looking for growth,
    • Tech starters with few capital requirements

    With simply words, you'll learn how to :

    • Structure your ideas
    • Get a clear direction
    • Create alignment inside your team


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