1 hour







Amelia Kalafatis

Rock'n'Roll dancing is so much fun! It's a universal dance, so energetic so much fun to learn too!

Expected learning & outcomes

Be able to dance with a partner and enjoy the feeling you get when you dance

Skills you will learn

Energetic, Music

About this course

Rock'n'Roll music is the best! Learn to dance to all the great tunes like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard & Buddy Holly.  it has been broken down to one video each move, with demonstrations prior to each dance move, explained clearly.  Learn all the leads, follows lots of tips and tricks to ensure your learning is as easy as it can be.  You can dance to slow music right up to super fast Rock'n'Roll beats.  It's hard not to smiled dancing to this fun style.  It is not a rigid movement and the men look absolutely cool when they dance.  You will also burn calories learning and then dancing on the dance floor.


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