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Helen Goatley

"The most accurate measure of courage is Vulnerability." (Brene Brown) 1st module of 4 in the Living Courage Series

Expected learning & outcomes

Students will have a clear comprehension of the power of connection. They will develop skills to manage effectively connection through vulnerability. Students will master the principals of courage so they can own their life, leadership and destiny.

Skills you will learn

Coaching, Consulting, Leadership, Professional, Research, Training

About this course

How to Live the Power of Vulnerability is choosing safe connection rather than safe distance in our relationships. For connection to happen, we must be vulnerable.

In this course, we unpack what vulnerability is and what it is not, and why it is critical to every aspect of our life personally and professionally.

How to Live the Power of Vulnerability is the first module in the Living Courage series and the first foundation stone of building courage as a life style. Living Courage is a training series consisting of 4 modules.

While each module can stand alone and be done as an individual course. The Living Courage series is designed to build onto each other creating a deeper more comprehensive understanding and development of the skills and lifestyle of courage.

I don't believe we are going to move forward without having a strong value and committed intension to vulnerability. It is our way home and at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus. Not only does our faith hinge on vulnerability, we are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities without it.

Each section has engaging short videos interspersed with self evaluation tasks supported by downloadable practical exercises and other resources to help you revise and consolidate the learning. This course is based on a set of learnable skills. It is Biblically based and backed up by a huge body of research.

You will develop and move towards mastering insight and skills in vulnerability with the goal of connection that can be applied to your personal and professional life.

This course features easily learned elements supported by engaging stories and practical exercises, all clearly explained by Helen Goatley, Instructor and Consultant, based on her 20 years' experience of helping, inspiring people in many different settings and cultures internationally.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of vulnerability and courage, what is required and how to maintain movement and breakthrough in your life and destiny. This course will help you become more confident in your decisions, faith, leadership, parenting and working relationships.

Living Courage is sourced from Anthropological and Sociological research. This is a training course, not a Counselling course, though it can be helpful for anyone in Life Coaching and the Health Care Sector.

If during this course you come into a deeper awareness of your life journey. We encourage you to courageously seek out the professional help you need to succeed further and bravely own your story and destiny. These people are heroes and champions.

What's OK and What is not OK?

It is OK to do this course and use all worksheets with others in your Leadership or Staffing teams, friendship groups or Church groups. We ask that each group member pay for the course themselves. We live by a core value of honor and this is one way to honor the Author and yourself as a learner. We value what we sacrifice for. For me, this is a means of income and a way of supporting the work so I can continue in it. Share, learn, grow and change the world you live in!

It is NOT OK to use any part of this course or it's materials for commercial use. You can not sell it, sell training based on it or create a website redistributing this course or any material from it.

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