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EDUmobile Academy

Learn the fastest and powerful scripting language for games.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • learn the basics of working with Lua
  • Understand Conditional Statements and Functions
  • You will have a beginners knowledge on how to program in Lua

    Skills you will learn

    Book Writing, Library, Operating Systems, Programming, Writing

    About this course

    The Introduction to Lua course is a 1 - hour course for beginners. In the course, we'll cover the basics of the Lua programming language. By the end of the course, you should have a beginner's working knowledge of how to program in Lua, so this course will prepare you for using Lua in the way you want to, whether that's modding your favorite games, scripting in your OS of choice, or writing libraries for others to use. 

    Topics include:

    • Lua syntax
    • if..then..elseif..else..end
    • while and repeat loops
    • for and for-in loops
    • tables
    • functions
    • the standard library and third party packages

    So I hope you join us for this Introduction to Lua.


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