2.5 hours



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Expected learning & outcomes

  • Student will achieve the clear basic knowledge and also knowledge of advance level of Electromagnetism
  • It will be extremely helpful for exam preparation as well as for preparation in competitive level.
  • It will also make the student interested to Magnetic Behavior of Current Loop and also Current to Magnet and Magnet to Current Interactions.

    Skills you will learn

    Analysis, Physics

    About this course

    Electromagnetism is a major part of Physics which belongs to the section 'Electrodynamics'. The whole concept is based on a Physical Fact-A moving charge or Current flow creates Magnetic Field in Neighbour Region. Thus a Current Loop actually produces Magnetic Flux for which that Current Loop can be replaced by an equivalent Magnetic Dipole. From this course, Student will acquire basic and advance knowledge regarding such Magnetic response of a Current Loop or Current Carrying Conductor. Not only that but also the Magnetic interaction of such Current Loop with externally applied Magnetic Field along with several criticism for Magnetic Force, Magnetic Energy, Magnetic Dipole Moment...etc. for given Current Element are successfully discussed with relevant Mathematical Analysis. Student will be highly benefited in respect of several basic and advance knowledge of this chapter, specially regarding Lorentz Magnetic Force...etc and the course will be very helpful beyond any doubt for self preparation of student at basic and advance level of Electromagnetism.


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