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Chris Pizzo

How To Break Arms, Rip Shoulders, and Choke Necks Every Which Way...

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How To Enter Into The Killer Crucifix From Both Standing And Ground Positions
  • How To Transition Between Positions Without Fear Of Reversal Or Reprisal
  • The Art And Science Of Arm Breaking, Shoulder Popping, And Neck Choking
  • Every Possible Escape Counter And It's Immediate Reversal Back Into An Instant Finish

    Skills you will learn

    Arts, Targeting

    About this course

    The human body is a resilient miracle…

    It’s delicate soft tissues, organs, vessels, and arteries have all been designed to be protected by think layers of muscle, cable-like tendons, and strategically placed bone structures.

    The absolute Hollywood nonsense and martial arts fantasy that someone’s neck can be broken by a simple “twist”, knocked out by a “lucky” punch, or bones snapped by simple “manipulation” has been proven false time and time again in the ring, on the mats, and in the cage…

    So what’s the answer?

    How do you dispatch someone who just won’t stay down?

    Enter the Crucifix.

    Effectively and efficiently targeting THREE of the bodies most vulnerable areas simultaneously, the knowledgable fighter who employs this tactic can literally “choose” the amount of damage done to their adversary.

    Should I break their arm?

    Should I dislocate their shoulder?


    Should I just put them to sleep?

    Even meaner, this dominant technique can also be used to snap directly into the legendary inescapable judo technique that breaks and dislocates in one fluid motion!

    Every aspect of the Killer Crucifix is covered here by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu AND Judo 2nd Degree Black Belt Chris Pizzo…

    How to enter the position…

    How to maintain the position…

    How to shut down ANY possible escape…

    How to re-counter EVERY possible counter…

    And of course…

    How to break arms, rip shoulders, and choke necks every which way.

    Sharing for the first time (and ONLY on Udemy), Professor Chris Pizzo teaches us the same fierce chain of techniques that is the “Killer Crucifix” usually reserved for his close Judoka friends and Team Moreira Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teammates.



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