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Akshay Nanda

Happy Scrumming: COMPREHENSIVE COURSE + SCRUM MASTER Certification Prep with Quiz, Scrum Guide and Fastrack Scrum Course

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Acknowledge every aspect of Scrum as its founder- Ken Schwaber, intended.
  • Appreciate the value of this course, since it saves them $1000 classroom or online Scrum Training classes.
  • Be more dynamic and productive in Scrum meetings and product development cycle.

    Skills you will learn

    Agile, Agile Methodologies, Agile Methodology, Collaboration, Planning, Poker, Product Development, Scrum, Scrum Certification, Scrum Meetings, Training

    About this course

    3 Reasons to take this course-

    1. My course stands on the 3 Strong pillars of SCRUM- Collaboration, Inspection and Improvement. In our online WORKSHOP, we learn by interacting during various activities, implementing and monitoring the level of understanding by THE QUIZ, and evaluate the responses to IMPROVE.

    2. FASTRACK SCRUM covers all the aspects of Scrum Framework with real-world examples, in just 7-minutes!

    3. TOGETHER, we save thousands of dollars($) for the Scrum Certification training. I assure you success.

    SCRUM, in a Nutshell: It's a framework for managing and developing COMPLEX products. Also, its the reason why all projects now have timely delivery and 100% success.

    Preparing for Scrum Certification ? My course assures success. JOIN NOW!

    What will i learn:

    - What/Why/When/Where/How of SCRUM.

    - History of SCRUM and WATERFALL Model.

    - Agile methodology with MANIFESTO and Agile Principles.

    - SCRUM Roles, SCRUM Artifacts, SCRUM Events.

    -Moreover, topics like Scrum pillars, Burn-down Chart, Velocity, Definition of DONE, Planning Poker, SCRUM of SCRUMS.

    - The SCRUM Quiz.

    - Other Certification details with complete explanation of The Official Scrum Guide.

    - Fastrack course on SCRUM

    What are the requirements? There are no pre-requisites for this course. We will MASTER SCRUM from SCRATCH!

    Over 30 lectures and 3 hours of content like video lectures, 5 sets of quizzes with explanations, fastrack course, fun activities and analogies and much more.


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