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Saundarya Pathak . TEDx Speaker/Trainer:7,000+ Students Worldwide

This course details wide range of python networking protocols TCP/UDP, POP3, IMAP, CGI,HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SMTP & more

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Complete guidance A-Z to network programming in python
  • Discover core concepts of network communication and python networking
  • Touch a wide range of networking protocol and will understand the core concepts related to Python network programming
  • Learn to develop various scripts for performing real world tasks on nwetwork
  • Gives you hand on experience on the topic

    Skills you will learn

    Communication, Development, Programming, Punctual, Python, Software Development

    About this course

    1. It focuses on network programming using Python script and code at Python prompt.
    2. Course will map a picture how network clients,network servers and network tools can be built from tools provided by the language.
    3. Course is framed with Software development and operation perspective
    4. Course guides developer deploying the application and managing various aspects of it,such as remote server administration, monitoring, scaling-up, and optimizing.
    5. It introduces you to a bunch of open-source, third-party Python libraries, which are ideal to be used in various use cases. 
    6. The Course elaborate in detail the configurations of complex networking systems with helpful hints as needed in real world task


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