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Extra points are accumulated for each improvement and it means that you are leaving up to 600 CRS points on the table

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Express Entry Tips
  • Improve chances to get a job
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Boost CRS score

    Skills you will learn


    About this course

    Individuals and families around the world can immigrate to Canada within just a few months through the Express Entry immigration selection system. Express Entry, first introduced in 2015, has become the main driver of economic immigration to Canada and one of the most popular immigration systems globally.

    The Express Entry system lets Government create a pool of candidates who may be eligible to immigrate to Canada permanently. You must be eligible for one of the immigration programs in Express Entry to get into the pool. You get points based on the information in your profile, including your skills and experience.

    The total number of immigrants invited depends on the quota the Canadian government has set for itself.

    If you want to know how to Boost your Express Entry profile and answering following question just enroll now:

    How does Express Entry Works?

    How are CRS Points Calculated?

    How Education Influences on Express Entry Program?

    Which is the best way to improve Your CRS Points?

    How Canadian Language Benchmark can increase your score?

    What is Provincial Nominee Programs in Express Entry?


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