40 mins







Susie Ramroop

How to stay positive on court, gain competitve advantage, and play a bigger, bolder game of tennis

Expected learning & outcomes

Play with less pressure, be more confident in their game regardless of the scoreline, feel more able to hit winning shots.

Skills you will learn


About this course

At any stage in your tennis lifetime, mindset will give you the edge. It will also mean that you can quieten your inner critic so that you can enjoy playing better. This course is primarily for players who are rusty or who have been stuck at the same level for some time. It aims to grow self belief, and create the mental space to put into practice the techniques contained in the course. The course will raise your awareness of how you play, and who you are on court, and it will help you make simple changes that will make a huge impact on your attitude, your habits and your ability to play a bigger game.


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