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Shingai. L Munyuki

Skills you will learn

Adobe XD, Experience Design, Google+, Interaction Design, User Interface

About this course

This project-based course is about understanding the principles behind effective UI design. We use Google Material Design principles create components that work well together. diving deep into the details of design and interaction using Adobe experience design.

This is an in-depth course that takes you inside the world of User Interaction Design. All this to understand the fundamentals to build upon.
In the projects we will create, we look at components such as the cards, buttons, inputs, buttons, navs, app bars, etc.
We combine this with Design Principles such as:

  • How to use tints on top of imagery.
  • How to use opacity
  • The role of accent colors, icons, and shadows.

We combine all these concepts to create a web application called moments. A social app that allows the user to upload images as moments.

Share moments and inspires others to share their moments wherever they are.

This project is what will give you the toolset to go into the world and create excellent web applications.


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