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Anny Liu

Skills you will learn

Performance Measuring, Research, Testing, Usability, User Experience Design

About this course

This class goes over the basics you’ll need to know when Usability Testing. Usability Testing is a keystone research component of UX design-it informs designers of the reality of the experience users are facing when using their sites. Usability testing is most commonly used to test prototypes, but for this course we won’t be requiring you to create one-instead you can use any website you like for a usability test, unless you already have a prototype ready from a previous course. Here we will be learning how to Set Up a Usability Test, Create Task Scenarios, Deciding Who to Test, Prep the Users, Conduct the Test, KPIs, and Data Mapping.

In this class project, you will be conducting a real-life usability test to apply what you’ve learned.


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