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Zeeshan ali

Mathematics for kids and middle school students

Expected learning & outcomes

understand Fractions , Arithmetics, Number system,Geometry,Algebra and Probabilities.

Skills you will learn

Mathematics, Testing

About this course

This course rather tests basic Mathematical concepts with 100 intriguing questions. Test Yourself.

This course is about basic concepts in Mathematics. It is important to know that this is a TEST YOURSELF course. There are many questions testing students' concepts in basic Mathematics.

Material is partially textual and partially based on Videos.

This course will take three weeks to complete for a normal student.

The course is divided into sections as: Number systems, units and Proportions, Geometry, algebra ,and Probability.

Why to take this course?

By taking this course, you will test your conceptual skills in basic Mathematics. If you want to be a good engineer in the future this course is a must study. Try to understand the explanations to the every questions. Each questions serves a specific purpose. Questions are encouraged. Best of luck.


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